Test Dates

WEST computer-based testing is available year-round by appointment, Monday through Saturday (excluding some holidays). Refer to "Test Selection for Computer-Based Testing" for a list of tests offered on computer.

Registration for computer-based testing is available only on the Internet by selecting "Register Now" on the WEST website. You should try to register as early as possible before your desired test date, as seating is limited. Before registering, you may check real-time seat availability and review test center locations.

Please note seat availability information is subject to change. Due to the amount of time required to process a registration, you may not be able to schedule an appointment to test if you register within three calendar days of the day on which you plan to test.

Computer-Based Testing
Score Report Dates

Refer to the following table for computer-based score report dates.

Test Date Score Report Date
06/13/2013–06/23/2013 07/03/2013
06/24/2013–07/14/2013 07/26/2013
07/15/2013–08/11/2013 08/23/2013
08/12/2013–09/08/2013 09/20/2013
09/09/2013–10/06/2013 10/18/2013
10/07/2013–11/03/2013 11/15/2013
11/04/2013–12/01/2013 12/13/2013
12/02/2013–12/29/2013 01/10/2014
12/30/2013–01/26/2014 02/07/2014
01/27/2014–02/23/2014 03/07/2014
02/24/2014–03/23/2014 04/04/2014
03/24/2014–04/20/2014 05/02/2014
04/21/2014–05/18/2014 05/30/2014
05/19/2014–06/15/2014 06/27/2014
06/16/2014–07/13/2014 07/25/2014
07/14/2014–08/10/2014 08/22/2014

Designated World Languages: Latin
Test Dates and Score Report Dates

Designated World Languages: Latin (101) is available during the following four testing windows:

Test Date Score Report Date
12/30/2013–01/26/2014 02/07/2014
03/24/2014–04/20/2014 05/02/2014
06/16/2014–07/13/2014 07/25/2014
09/08/2014–10/05/2014 10/17/2014